Personal Scales - CL-Personal Series-CL-Personal Scale


Accuracy: 100gms , Capacity: 150 Kg

Ideal for

Big Bakery outlets , Cafes , Cinema , Theatres , Fast Food Centre , Function Halls , Hospitals , Hotels and Restaurants , Public Places , Super Markets

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A Revolution in the history of personnel weighing Scales with state of the art Technology, these Electronic Personal Weighing scales are being developed with Inhouse Technology. These scales are approved by The Department of weights & measurements, Govt. of India


    • Operates on: 230V AC 10%, 50Hz.
    • Power consumption: 5 Watt when in use. In addition to 40 to 80 watt depending on the wattage of bulbs used.
    • Capacity of Scale: 150Kg.
    • Accuracy: 100gms.
    • Minimum Weight: 2 Kg.
    • Response Time (Approx): 8 Sec.


    • Displays the weight, when the coin is dropped.
    • Trouble free and low maintainence System.
    • Inbuilt Battery back-up.
    • Aesthetic appearance.
    • Simple System easy maintainence, low running cost.
    • Environment Friendly.