Oil Filling System - CL-Oil Filling Series-CL-150HS 05


Accuracy :500 , Capacity :150 gm , Pan Dia :250 x280

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Oil Filling Industries

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CAL-ON has successfully launched Health Care Series. Indigenously first time in India. These Health Scales are very convenient to carry and use anywhere, everywhere and anytime and everytime. These scales are Multi Load cells based technology to get high accuracy at a very affordable prices


    • For ABS body Platter size: 250 x 280 mm
    • For ABS body Scale Dimensions: 30 x 250 x 280 mm
    • For Glass body Platter size: 280 x 300 mm
    • For Glass body Scale Dimensions: 30 x 280 x 300 mm


    • Slim and Sleck easy to carry.
    • Beautiful ABS plastic body and glass body.
    • Multi Load cell technology supported by heavy guage material.
    • 1.12'' size of 7 segment LCD readouts.
    • Auto off.
    • Weight reading display lock (Stand still) for 5 seconds.
    • 3 Nos.AAA general batteries operated.