AMCS(PC) version - CL-AMCS(PC) version-CL-150AMCS20


Accuracy :20, Capacity :150 kgs

Ideal for

Dairy Farms, Milk stores

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The continual R&D efforts based on feedback from our vast milk Dairy customers base and market survey. CAL-ON has developed milk collection system with (PC) based. Which is more convenient/ reliable, study & affordable by any milk collection centers, milk chilling centers and in all milk dairy's. The CAL-ON AMCS(PC) version is provided with the most latest milk analyzer with the ultrasonic working principal. With the Cal-on AMCS(PC) version the customer can generate 1. Purchase report 2. Shift-wise local sales 3. Month-wise milk purchase report 4. Payment report 5. Individual producers ledger 6. Rate differences report 7. Stocks Inventory 8. Profit and loss Accounts 9. Loans and advances report 10. Cash book 11. Trail Balance sheet 12. Profit and loss accounts 13. Balance sheet report and as many as 29 Reports. PC specs may change time to time for better modifications.