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Read Distance: up to 3m

Ideal for

Infant and Security Systems , Hospital Management , Event Management etc

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Silicone Wristband RFID Bracelet Tag For Access Control Swimming Pool And Marathon is used for RFID applications. Ideal for Water park, Swimming pool, Massage room, Club membership, Lockers, Office and Building access control. RFID Wristband (or Bracelet) have various design, it is light, colorful, smooth shape, easy to carry unconsciously, Waterproof RFID wristband is suitable for people underwater Comfortable.


    • Read Distance: up to 3m (Depend on reader)
    • Operating Frequency & Protocol: 865-868 MHz, ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Global, Class 1 Gen 2
    • Dimensions & Material: Variable & Plastic
    • Application Areas: Infant and Security Systems, Hospital Management, Event Management etc.