RFID Pallet Tags - RFID Pallet Tags Series-RFID Pallet Tags


Dimensions & Material: 120*22mm

Ideal for

Warehousing , Inventory , Pallets Identification

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RFID tags are placed on pallets and containers as a means of identifying them throughout the manufacturing process or in automated storage & retrieval applications. Typically, RFID pallet tags offer a low profile, designed to be unobtrusive when applied to containers or pallets, with some RFID tags and discs being adept at surviving harsh environments and constant movement.


    • Read Distance::up to 12m (Depend on reader)
    • Operating Frequency & Protocol: 865-868 MHz, ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Global, Class 1 Gen 2
    • Dimensions & Material: 120*22mm ABS
    • Mounting: Adhesive, Rivets
    • Application Areas: Warehousing, Inventory, Pallets Identification etc...