Road Weigh Bridges - CL-EW Series-CL-20EW5


Accuracy :5 , Capacity :20 Tonne , Pan Dia :6000 x 3000 mm

Ideal for

Market yards , Public Places , Railway yard and Godowns , Shipyard , Warehouses

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The CL-EW series are made of heavy structure to sustain the rigorous impact of everyday use and are approved by "The Department of Weights & Measurements, Govt. of India."


    • Taring Range (Subtractive): Upto full capacity.
    • Response Time (Approx): 3 to 6 secs.
    • Power requirements: 230AC ± 10%, 50Hz.
    • Operating temperature range: 10 degrees to 50 degrees.
    • Safe Over Load: 150%.
    • Ultimate Over Load: 300%


    • Double ended shear beam Load cell.
    • Side Load immunity made in Stainless Steel Load Cell.
    • Highly rugged accurate and Hermetically sealed Load Cell assembly Suitable for Wash Down application.
    • Standardised output : Ideal for multi cell application.
    • Standardised output : Ideal for multi cell application. Surge Voltage Protection (SVP) offers protection from lightning strikes
    • Heavy Iron Structure suitable to designated capacity.
    • Jumbo Display as optional.