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Wide Range Of Handheld Device
  Handheld Device

CAL-ON CAL-ON is Pleasure to introduce new product Handheld Devices from its state of the art Manufacturing unit by having 15 years experience in the industry for billing & point of sale (POS) applications. Handheld (POS) allows its users to handle uninterrupted transaction and billing instantly. It caters the need of a number of market sectors with a variety of applications.
This device offering services to Banking/Micro finance, Bus ticketing, Electricity billing, Restaurants, Petrol pumps, Public transport, Shopping malls, Parking places, Retail, FMCG and other establishment to generate billing, transaction and ticketing reports in convenient way.

   CAL-ON Handheld Device
Handheld Device
Compact, Stylish and simple to operate. Direct Operational PC Keypad.
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