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ELEKTRA 2.5,   ELEKTRA - Slim,   Elan - The road master
The Fuel Free e-Bike.
‘e’ is for Elektra & Elan, ‘e’ is for Environment and ‘e’ is Easy.
Yes! Truly the Elektra 2.5, Elan is easy to Ride and easy to Maintain.
Just charge it and then Zoo…m ahead.
Presenting! ELEKTRA 2.5

Unlike contemporaries ElLEKTRA 2.5 is indigenously built by CAL-ON Group, a pioneer and market leader in diverse industry segments. ELEKTRA 2.5 is developed through Rigorous R&D and withstood Stringent Testing Conditions, making it the perfect e-bike for Indian Roads.

Presenting! ELEKTRA - Slim

Elektra slim introduced by Cal-on Motors Ltd. with Disruptive technologies of high growth process in terms of customer satisfaction. For the Elektra slim model sophisticated technology was used. This virtual rollout carried though in the Indian market with Elektra Slim. There is always lots of crazy stuff in Indian e-bike shows.

Presenting! Elan - The road master

ELAN The Road Master introduced by Cal-on Motors Ltd. With strong Chassis and Technical features and Variety of Components based on desired destination of farmers and vendors to decrease the fuel cost, maintenance cost, environmental friendly and economic Vehicle. CAL-ON has taken initial steps to make a Rural India happy and making it perfect e-moped to sustain Rural Indian roads.

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